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A12LT model lengthe...

inflatable boat welding machine, PVC tarpaulin welding machine,hot air seam sealing machine,hot air welding machine,PVC retractable duct welding machine


A12T model hot air ...

PVC industrial speed door welding machine,A12T model hot air PVC welding machine for outdoor inflatable products


A10 model hot air t...

A10 model hot air tape seam sealing machine for waterproof jacket and protective suits


217D model pleating...

pleating machine, clothes pleating machine,516 pleating machine,416 pleating machine


28KHz/30KHz/35KHz h...

handheld plastic welder,ultrasonic spot welding machine,plastic welding machine, spot welder


A6+ model hot air t...

hot air seam sealing machine,tape sealing machine,hot air sealing machine, hot air waterproof cloth sealing machine,hot air pvc tape sealing machine


28KHz ultrasonic se...

Ultrasonic seamless sewing machine, 28KHz ultrasonic sewing machine

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Hot air PVC welding machine, hot air seam sealing machine, ultrasonic microfiber cloth cutting machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, pleating machine, high frequency welding machine and fusing press machine .

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